Installation Instructions

  1. Download the desired package (.zip or .tar.gz) and save it to your hard drive
  2. Locate the archive and unpack it
  3. Edit spapackage/includes/config.php: your db username and password and db name.  Also set your title, sitename and administrator email address - if you use gmail or hotmail you may not get messages delivered to your inbox - check your junk folder for the first few messages (send some to yourself using the contact form) and mark them as not spam.

  4. Run the sql file found in the assets folder using phpMyAdmin 
  5. Upload the files to your server host so that html becomes your webroot
    all folders in the same directory as html should be outside the webroot
  6. From the homedir where html might be either htdocs or public_html

    • chmod 777 html/images (make writeable)
    • chmod 777 html/backgrounds
    • chmod 777 html/css/custom.css (to be able to edit the CSS from the admin panel)
    • chmod 777 home/js/vars.js
    • chmod 777 includes/index.html (if you want to be able to edit the main layout from the admin panel)
    • chmod 777 includes/save (a copy of index.html will be saved here upon saving edits)
  7. Using your $administrator email, login with your password of choice

    - this is the first login - it will create the admin record for you.  Save your password.  (A password reset feature is coming soon) 
    1. This should be the only login.  This site is not set up for membership.

      proceed to Instructions ยป Configure
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