Configuration Procedures

  1. Install your logo
    1. Click Admin Admin vars.js
      Look for this:

      change logo.png to your logo name and upload it to html/images

    2. Click Admin  Admin index.html
      Edit line #54 with your logo name:

  2. Update the font:
    • Open includes/index.html
    • Update your font choice here:
      <link href="//|Russo+One|Atma|Oxygen" rel="stylesheet">

      Find fonts at Google Fonts

  3. Update the color scheme and fonts for your site
    • Open html/css/main.css
      • Define your color scheme; colors are denoted by #ffffff to #000000 or can be designated by the web name like red or blue. In the css you will use color:#fff (white)  or color:blue
      • Update the fonts you chose in Step 1 above
      • You should probably have 1 font for Headings (h1,h2,h3) and one for body text (div, p, span)


        in the css file:

        h1,h2,h3 {
          font-family:'Russo One'
        } div,p,span {

        Use quotes (single or double) where your font has spaces in the name.
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